Teufelhund Coin Back  Teufelhund Veterans Group, Inc.Teufelhund Coin Front


We are a Veteran Family Group, we support Veterans, those still with us and those who have passed on.


 To support Veterans ,their families, and communities


 We are Marines, Army, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard. We are men and women. We are Honorably serving Military, Active, Reserve, Retired. We are Police, Corrections Officers, Doctors, Nurses, Business Owners, Employees, and Family Members. We support our family and the families of Vets.

We continue to live our lives by the values of the US Armed Forces; Honor, Courage, and Commitment, in that there is no wavering.

We are founded because of the Battle of Belleau Wood. WWI was where all the branches became a joint force. It is also the final resting place for Marines, Navy, Army, and Army Air Corps (which is now called the US Air Force). The image of the Teufelhund came from the fountain in the village of Belleau Wood on a farm close by, where when the smoke cleared, our troops rested and drank from. It is the image of the Teufelhund or Hell Hound.

We are not a riding club. You will not just get a “patch” and be one of us. You will need to meet other club members, attend events with us for Veterans, you will prospect, and then be voted in. We do not discriminate against race, sex, occupation, or the type of bike you ride, and never will under any circumstance. We are neutral, we support no one other than our family, Vets, and the family members of Vets. We answer to no one, and we obey the law. We support the Constitution and those who defend it.

Better to die on your feet then live on your knees… Death Before Dishonor.

Approved 501(c)3 per IRS 1023 Please contact for EIN or and supporting documents.


                 PRESIDENT                       VICE PRESIDENT                    ROAD CAPTAIN                      

              Skipper President                  Vooch Vice President               Chuke Road Captain

                  SKIPPER                                       VOOCH                                        CHUKE

              U.S. Marines                                      U.S. Army                                   U.S. Navy

                 SECRETARY                         SGT AT ARMS                           SGT AT ARMS

                                                                  Scoot Sgt. At Arms           Toucan Sgt. At Arms

                 Saint                                             SCOOT                                          TOUCAN

                Family                                         U.S. Navy                                        U.S. Navy


     Padre Chaplain


        U.S. Air Force